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TGV Lyria

TGV Lyria runs at speeds of up to 200mph from Paris to cities across Switzerland including Geneva, Zurich, Interlaken and Lausanne.

By train, Switzerland is never too far away!

TGV Lyria trains operate daily, linking Switzerland’s main cities with Paris:

  • Paris Gare de Lyon <=> Geneva in 3h05* - 9 return trips per day.
  • Paris Gare de Lyon <=> Lausanne/Bern - up to 4 return trips per day from/to Lausanne and 1 return trip from/to Bern.
  • Paris Gare de Lyon <=> Bâle <=> Zurich - up to 6 return trips per day.

*Fastest journey time

The TGV Lyria ’Summer’ service

  • From July until the end of August, the TGV Lyria ‘Summer’service operates between Paris and the picturesque canton of Vaud (Château-d’Oex, Leysin, les Diablerets, Villars ...) and the Valais region (Verbier, Crans Montana, Loèche-les-Bains, Saas Fee, Zermatt ...). There are 3 return trips per day.


Since 10 December 2017, Lyria high speed trains now offer three onboard classes of service instead of the two that existed previously. Trains still comprise of 2nd class and 1st class coaches as well as a bar-buffet car, but there are now three classes of service to choose from. See the new train configuration here

Trains offering the new classes of service are on sale now and a rolling booking horizon of 4 months applies. Group bookings for the new fare classes are also open. View the TGV Lyria network here.

This enhancement has been made to ensure that there's a level of onboard comfort and ticket flexibility to meet the requirements of all types of passenger. 

The new classes of service:


Standard: Standard class is the perfect option for those looking for the best price. Passengers travel in a 2nd class coach where electric sockets are available at most seats and refreshments can be purchased either from the bar-buffet car or from the trolley service that operates throughout Standard and Standard Premier class. Prices start at just £26.50 one way for a non flexible ticket, but there are options to purchase both semi and fully flexible tickets too, depending on the level of flexibility required by your customer.

Standard 1ère: Those opting for Standard 1ère class will travel in a 1st class coach which has wider, more comfortable seats and electric sockets can also be found at each seat. Refreshments can be purchased from the bar-buffet car or from the trolley service that operates throughout Standard and Standard 1ère class and Standard 1ère passengers can also access the SNCF Grand Voyageur lounge in Paris Gare de Lyon station (except for large groups). Tickets for travel in this class of service are usually semi flexible however please note that on services that do not offer Business 1ère class, a fully flexible Standard 1ère ticket will also be available. Prices start at just £45 for a one way journey.

Business 1ère: Business 1ère class includes all of the on board comforts that you'd expect from a premium service and is available on TGV Lyria routes including Paris<>Basel/Zurich, Dijon <> Basel/Zurich and Paris <> Geneva (excluding Saturdays).  Passengers travel in a dedicated 1st class coach and electric sockets are available at each seat. In addition to this, Premium passengers can access the SNCF Grand Voyageur lounge in Paris Gare de Lyon, are offered a welcome drink and a hot meal at seat service on board, including drinks and have newspapers and magazines available at the end of the coach. It's also possible to reserve a private driver service on board so that a car is waiting in Paris upon arrival and tickets are fully exchangeable and refundable without fee. 

Flexible access:

Fully flexible ticket holders in all three classes of service can travel on a different train on the same day and route, without having to exchange their ticket first.

Youth and Senior cardholder and child fares are available in Standard and Standard 1ère class.