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TGV France - Luxembourg

Thanks to TGV, Luxembourg is now only 2h05 away from Paris. 

The opening of these new lines signifies a time of great expansion and development for the people, regions and countries concerned and for the SNCF it represents a key step in its commitment to better serving its customers.

There are several return Journeys per day between Paris and Luxembourg. The timetables in place include a train from Luxembourg arriving in Paris before 9h00.

Main Routes Fastest journey times Frequency/Day
Luxembourg <=> Paris 2 hrs, 09 mins 7/Day
Lorraine TGV <=> Charles de Gaulle Airport 1 hr, 15 mins 4/Day
Lorraine TGV <=> Marne-la-Vallée (Disneyland Paris) 1 hr, 12 mins 5/Day
Lorraine TGV <=> Nantes 4 hrs, 06 mins 1/Day
Lorraine TGV <=> Bordeaux 5 hrs, 24 mins 3/Day
Luxembourg <=> Strasbourg 1hrs, 38 mins 2/Day
Luxembourg <=> Lyon 5 hrs, 33 mins 2/Day
Luxembourg <=> Marseille 7 hrs, 23 mins 1/Day

1 hr, 12 mins