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France Spain high speed

The French and Spanish networks have joined forces to provide the best in high speed.

It’s now possible to enjoy a croissant for breakfast in Paris and a tapas lunch in Barcelona. Thanks to TGV France – Spain High Speed rail services, it’s now quicker than ever before to travel from Paris to Spain by train, with the journey now taking just over 6 hours.

With up to 4 return services a day, Paris and Barcelona have never been closer. France-Spain High Speed services offer spacious seats with head and foot rests and a power socket at seat in Standard Class, whilst opting for First Class gives extra legroom.

And it’s not just Paris to Barcelona; 21 French and Spanish cities are now connected by this high speed service including:

  • Toulouse-Barcelona
  • Lyon-Barcelona
  • Carcasonne-Barcelona
  • Montpellier-Madrid
  • Lyon – Girona
  • Aix-and-provence-Madrid
  • Nîmes – Tarragona
  • Narbonne- Madrid