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European winter trains...On Sale Now!

Book early to grab the best fares!

It's that time again when the nights are drawing in and thoughts are turning to winter holidays and festive fun. Whether it's a family skiing trip, a weekend exploring Christmas markets or a European city break, the train is the perfect way to reach the Continent this winter.

See below details on when European rail tickets go on sale for travel this winter.

Details per rail carrier:


SNCF French Domestic Trains: From now it's possible to book French domestic services up to and including 7 January 2019

Further details will be sent out in due course concerning the opening of trains for travel from 8 January 2019 onwards.



TGV Lyria (France <> Switzerland): It's now possible to book TGV Lyria services up to and including 7 January 2019.

TGV France - Italy: It's now possible to book TGV France - Italy services up to and including 10 March 2019.

France - Spain High Speed:  It's now possible to book France-Spain High Speed services up to and including 10 March 2019.

TGV/ICE France - Germany: A rolling booking horizon* of 6 months applies.

TGV France <> Luxembourg, TGV Brussels <> Provinces and TGV France <> Freiburg: It's now possible to book these services up to and including 7 January 2019.

Thalys (Trains operating between France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany): From 21 October it will be possible to book Thalys services up to and including 21 February 2019.


To Paris, Lille, Brussels, Calais: 180 days rolling booking horizon.

To Lyon/Avignon/Marseille (direct): Between 150 and 280 days in advance, depending on when the booking is made.

To Disneyland Paris: Trains can currently be booked up to and including 14 August 2019. A rolling booking horizon of approximately 320 days currently applies to Eurostar direct services to Disneyland.

To Moutiers, Aime la Plagne and Bourg St Maurice (direct): Entire season timetable can now be booked for travel between December 2018 and April 2019.

NTV Italo: Trains within Italy can currently be booked up to and including 4 April 2019.

RENFE (Spanish Rail): High speed AVE services usually open about 90 days in advance and other Spanish rail services open 60 days in advance. This is not always the case however and on occasion trains may not open until a few days/weeks before departure. 


* A 'rolling booking horizon' means that for example if today it's possible to book up to the 7 November, tomorrow it will be possible to book up to the 8th November